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"Karibu sana" – a warm welcome to my page

29. July 2018

For a long time I refused to write a blog, I rather preferred to send photos and experiences directly to you. Now with the start of my new work in kenya this has changed slightly. Not that the entire world would suddenly be interested in my life now (thank god), but through this media channel I can also reach my international friends. In addition to the newsletters we are going to send within Switzerland, I like the fact that I can tell friends from many different parts of the world about my life in Kenya. Also, I would like to prevent people from having a 2-day photo session after my return ;-)

This blog will contain many photos and (hopefully) interesting background stories. If you have any suggestions for improvement or wishes you can alsways send me a message.


And now, let's go and let me be you a part of my journey to an unknown terrain!

your Luca


Update: 07. May 2019

Sasa, long time!!


After some weekends with travels, finally, I managed to update the page and the photos kidogo kidogo (a little bit)..


Have a great start in the weekend and see you soon! (actually it's getting sooner and sooner..) ;-)

Take care!

your Luca

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22. March 2019

Habari zenu! Hi all, how are you?


Time flies – that's not just a saying, that's reality...

As mentioned in my newsletter, there are some files accessible through my blog. This way, not only can you gain an insight into my work, but you will also be encouraged to visit my blog and, probably, even look at some pictures. THERE ARE NEW ONES, FINALLY ;-))

Work  Travel  Daily life

Fortunately, the last 2 months I had the chance to travel quite a bit and see wonderful places. Of course, I would love to show you as many pictures as possible. I am going to upload a selection step by step, or in good old Swahili "Pole, Pole"...


The following files ready for download are the flyer we have made for the collaboration of COTRR with the Swiss Association "Freunde Kenias und seiner Menschen".


Hope you enjoy looking at it!

Kila la heri,

your Luca


Adobe Acrobat Dokument 627.2 KB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 607.6 KB

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31. January 2019

Ni aje? Habari yako!?! Niko salama sana... (How is it? How are you doing? Everything is relaxed with me...)


It has been quite a while since the last entry related to my work at COTRR. Doesn't mean that we haven't done any work in the meantime of course. Attached you can find a pdf version of the COTRR Newsletter which provides information and pictures conducted during the past field activities – through my personal lens ;-)


kila la heri – all the best...

Na tutaonana baadaye rafiki!!!

your Luca


Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.6 MB

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13. January 2019

MWAKA MPYA MZURI!!! Happy New Year!!!


There are some new entries about New Year in Kilifi and also a couple of photos showing the process of moving into the new apartment just a stone's throw away from the old one...


Check out the Kilifi pictures in the blog Trips & Excursions and the relocation in Daily Life section ;-)


kila la heri na tutaonana baadaye,

your Luca

News From the South

Follow me...

27. December 2018 Christmas in Nairobi

I already mentioned in my last newsletter that I was curious about how it would feel like celebrating this family event exactly 8.939 km away from my family (walking distance, provided by Google maps)

After a not very distinctive pre-Christmas period with the final ascent of Mt. Kenya on 21st of December, I finally got caught on the 23rd of December. This little plastic tree with the slightly inclined top laughed at me in my favourite indian shop and immediately put me in Christmas mood. The exaggerated colourful decorations and the flashing light chain contributed to the fact that this Christmas was so totally different from all previous ones that it was wonderful in its own way. The tree was also very much appreciated on the celebration of the international Nairobi-stayers and provided a beautiful setting for the secret Santa gifts. There may be several reasons why some of the food I brought with me, Ghackets mit Hörnli, has been left over: the other traditional food was delicious as well, the impossible pronunciation of the dish or maybe the missing Apfelmus on the side was the decisive argument not to finish it. Anyhow, we had a great time and learned a lot about different habits for christmas. Attention family: next year's present will be an apple (Chinese Tradition)... ;-)


I hope everyone had a lovely christmas time!

Wish you all a nice last part of the year..

Take care and keep smiling!

your Luca



27. Dec. 2018

Contrary to what I had hoped for, I didn't get the chance to make a new entry before Christmas. But now is the perfect moment to do so. The month of december showed itself in all its variety and had a lot to offer: an eventful and inspiring day for the children benefiting from the COTRR Mentorship program, many sad farewells of good friends, a tedious apartment search, and last but not least the wonderful ascent of Mt. Kenya.


I won't write too much here, just go and check out the new blog entries for the COTRR Student's Mentorship Day and the hike to Mt. Kenya.

And if we don't hear each other before the new year: A good slide (än guätä Rutsch!) and a good start into a successful, eventful, properous and full new year 2019!

Kila la heri, all the best!

your Luca


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02. Dec. 2018

Today it's the first Advent and I have to admit that I am in Anti-Christmas mood like I have never been before. This might have various reasons such as the current weather conditions here in Nairobi, the amazing trip to the kenyan coast 2 weeks ago or the lack of a massive amount of chocolate displayed in the supermarkets. Another possible reason is the fact that time flies so incredibly fast here that it still feels like it was October - that's my excuse for my last entry being from that time ;-)

A lot has happened in the meantime. At work, beside a few field trips we were mainly working on the creation of an overall COTRR clip showing the organization and its project and development. I will upload the clip as soon as the final version is finished.

Apart from work the two most worth mentioning events are firstly the trip to Kilifi at the coast and secondly a theft of my mobile phone back in Nairobi. Regarding photos you can find some impressions from the coast in the blog. The illustration of the theft turns out to be a little more difficult because i didn't find the time to take any photos of it. Anyhow, it was only a material loss and also positive in a way that I am more cautious again and don't take my phone out at the street - that's why one has a Gucci Swiss made watch from the supermarket..


Let's check out the photos from the coast!

Hope to get the chance to make an entry before christmas..

Keep smiling!

your Luca


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04. Oct. 2018

Sasa, Mambo, Hujambo, Habari - and I am sure there are sooo many more ways to greet in Swahili...

It's been quite a while, but now there are a few new entries and photos. I noticed that time is flying by when I wrote my Comundo newsletter during the last weeks. Reconstructing what happened in the first 3 months was not that simple. Without losing too many words, here are two short anecdotes:

  • Luca goes gambling: When I bought a watch (in the supermarket; a Gucci watch Swiss made ;-)), I asked the seller about the warranty. His response was clear as well as honest: He smiled at me and said "you know, it is a little bit like gambling. Either you are lucky and you get a really durable watch which can last you for as long as one year, or you are less lucky and it stops working tomorrow." As for now I seem to be a very lucky guy, it's been more than 2 weeks and it is still working perfectly...
  • Double the distance, double the speed: When I was turning into the last 3km of the half marathon I felt pretty good, as I was mainly in the overtaking lane, although I had to admit: The kenyan professional runners definitely have at least five longer breath as I do. They started 20 minutes earlier as we did, they ran double the distance (42km!) and then they passed me as if they were about to start a 100m sprint. I take off my hat and I am satisfied with the fact that I am always declared a superstar when I am at the swimming pool ;-)

Enough talking, let's see the photos if you like.

Kila la heri - all the best!

Your Luca


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30. Sept. 2018

Habari za jioni! Niko sawa, nime kuwa na siku njema...As you can see my Swahili hasn't developed much since the last entry. I'm still trying to learn words every day and get by in everyday life, but the washing machine-like matatu rides and the intensifying work slightly play against it. Nevertheless, I still think i can reach my goal by the end of july 2019: to order a Nyama choma for me and my employees without just getting the bones served ;-)


I have made some new entries to different parts such as daily life, work as well as some activities outside Nairobi. Have a look if interested...


Enjoy a golden autumn in the meantime!

Kwa heri na usiku mwema! Baadaye..

Your Luca


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08. Sept. 2018

Habari za mchana? Habari za familia? Karibuni rafiki wangu! Mimi niko njema sana, nina soma kiswahili kila siku ... ;-)

Hi my friends! As you can see, I am trying hard to learn Kiswahili. I'm still far from being a fluent speaker but I'm already managing to survive on Nairobis' streets. That means I'm able to order a cup of hot coffee, ask for directions, tell the taxi driver where I come from (sometimes Germany just to keep it easy as possible) and most important: don't pay more than the locals in the Matatus ;-)


I added some new entries in my blog - check it out if you like! Last week a trip to Nyanduma, one of our work areas, was scheduled. Unfortunately, we were not able to leave Nairobi because of a fuel shortage at the gas stations (strike of the fuel suppliers...). The trip therefore has been postponed to the upcomming week - that means the news will come soon...


Kwa heri na tutaonana baada ye - good bye and see you later (a little bit later than just later I guess)

your Luca


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19. Aug. 2018

Jambo! News about daily life and a downtown city tour with interesting guys. Also, check out my first entry about my work at COTRR. Together with Reuben, my co-worker and programm officer, I went to Suswa, approx. 2h drive northeast of Nairobi. It included interesting insights in the projects and also stunning views of beautiful landscapes.


Tomorrow, my Swahili classes are going to start.

Tahadhari & take care

your Luca


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11. Aug. 2018

There are some new entries. Check them out and let me know. Now, I'm going to explore downtown ;-)


Keep smiling and cheers!

your Luca

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The thank goes to you!

I want to thank you all for the great interest in my time and work in Kenya and the throughout positive feedbacks. All the encouraging and motivating responses gave me a lot of courage and never made me doubt whether I was doing the right thing.

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