How it became Kenya...

Australia, Canada, then Chile and now Africa. The question of whether and, if so, what plan is the basis of the stays abroad is at least reasonable. If it was that simple, I would explain it in one sentence. Since it is not that easy, I try to illustrate it with the indirect social-geographical approach - the description...


When I came back from Chile in 2016 I was glad to get such an excellent chance to enter the labor world as the one the engineering office Terradata in Zurich offered me. As time went on, however, I more and more realized, also thanks to a fruitful career guidance, that now is the time I should dare to make another change in my professional career. Personality tests and conscious self-reflection encouraged me to strive for something more in the field of social work. This tendency had several reasons. One of them was certainly the cooperation with Bereket, a man from Eritrea who has come a long way as a refugee. His introduction to the local labor world gave me great pleasure and the mutual curiosity about the foreign culture enriched me.

What was also a driving force was the search for meaningfulness, in the sense of direct feedback. To achieve a direct positive effect of my acting is my goal.

To be humble and at the same time open-minded and warm-hearted, tolerant and respectful - these were some of the central pillars of my reorientation. Then, during the incredible wedding-trip to Nepal, Comundos' request for a one-year internship in Kenya reached me. Ironically, my dear friend Thomas and I were at this time pondering the extraordinarily beautiful habits and rituals of Nepalese culture over a cozy Everest beer. With a hearty toast, it was clear: this is a unique opportunity at the absolutely right time.

The challenge of embracing a completely new culture, leaving the comfort zone and adapting in many ways appeals to me. To bring in my full labor and my personal touch and to put myself motivated and unselfishly in the service of a good project drives me. When if not now?


The partner organisation COTRR runs a large number of wonderful projects. Now, I am looking forward to working actively as a part of it. With all the conscious knowledge of my roots and the open attitude towards where the path may lead me.